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49% Exclusive Representative and Partner of Germany Bauku Company

Bauku German manufacturing company, after half a century of establishment, has chosen Tadbir Novin Sazan as its trading partner and representative in the Middle East. Subsequently, the company has become one of the major and leading manufacturers in the double-wall pipe industry in the country that is capable of producing annually 15000 tons of double-wall pipes from 300 to 4000 mm with all components and accessories such as polyethylene manhole, polyethylene tank, septic tank and so on.

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Quality of Products in Accordance with World Standards

Quality control of manufactured products conforms to international standards for raw materials, installation & calculation, fittings and welding. The laboratory unit with the R&D license of the Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade is an independent accredited unit equipped well to improve continuously the quality of manufactured products including polyethylene septic tank, polyethylene tank, double-wall polyethylene pipe, polyethylene core-tube pipe, polyethylene manhole, SBR wastewater treatment, polyethylene fittings and double-wall polyethylene grease-traps.

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Advantages of Tadbir Novin Sazan Manufactured Products

Polyethylene pipe is used after production in applications such as double-wall polyethylene tank, septic tank, polyethylene manhole and polyethylene grease-trap. Its advantages can be mentioned such as reasonable price, high resistance against corrosion, hygienity, durability and long life, no leakage, diverse production capability, easy installation, different installation modes, resistance to earthquake, resistance to water/soil salinity, appearance, and portability.


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Polyethylene Tank

Due to its flexibility and adaptability to a variety of functional applications, the double-wall polyethylene tanks are capable of being used as ground and underground tanks. These tanks can be used as storage tanks for water, food and all kinds of chemicals and also as silos for storing cereals and other agricultural products.

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Polyethylene Manhole

The sewage system uses a manhole to connect several sewer pipelines one to another and direct them into one path, that two types are straight polyethylene manhole and tangential polyethylene manhole, which among the benefits of Tadbir Novin Sazan polyethylene manhole, low weight, high strength, long life, and high installation speed can be mentioned.

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Septic Tanks for Polyethylene

Septic tanks are used as pre-treatment units before the sewage enters the municipal sewage network or absorptive wells. Depending on the quality of the wastewater requested, simple or advanced systems can be used. Different types of septic tanks can be mentioned as polyethylene septic tank, concrete septic tank and fiberglass septic tank.

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Polyethylene Pipe

The main advantage of these pipes is the high resistance to pressure of external loads with less weight compared to single wall pipes. Corrugated polyethylene double-wall pipes, due to their properties, are the most suitable double-wall pipes for applications such as collecting and transferring surface water and sewage.